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OpenSolaris tip: Switching from IDE to AHCI driver

April 27, 2010

Tip o the day:

I recently upgraded the guts of my home server to a new ASUS Phenom II board.  The boards BIOS defaults to using the IDE emulation for SATA drives -which I realized *after* I installed Solaris. Changing the BIOS to AHCI mode after installation results in a non bootable system as the kernel is looking for the IDE device which is no longer present.

The fix turns out to be simple. Courtesy of uber OpenSolaris guru Jürgen Keil:

1) Boot into the live cd

2) open a shell and run:

pfexec zpool import -f rpool

3) reboot

This fixes up the device path to the new AHCI device.

The OpenSolaris forum thread is here

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