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Getting Groovy with OpenSSO REST Services

February 18, 2008

Recent builds of OpenSSO now include WS-* and REST identity services. Check out Marina Sum’s blog for an excellent overview.

Now it turns out that Groovy is a great way to explore REST services. Here is an example using OpenSSO (if you are trying this out at home change your base URL to reflect your OpenSSO installation).

def baseurl = "http://localhost:28080/opensso/identity/"

// Create and execute REST query string
def query = { String action, Map args ->
def s = baseurl + action;
def sep = "?"
args.each { key,value ->
def encoded =,"UTF-8")
s += "${sep}${key}=${encoded}"
sep = "&"
return s.toURL().text

// authenticate to OpenSSO
def authenticate = { username, password ->
String s = query("authenticate", [ username:username, password:password] )
int i = s.indexOf('=')
if( i >= 0 )
return s.substring(i+1).trim()
return s;

// fetch the users attributes. Must supply the token returned by authenticate
def getAttributes = { token -> query("attributes", [subjectid:token]) }

// Test to see if the user identified by token is allowed to access the URI
def authorize = { token, uri, action = "GET" -> query("authorize", [subjectid:token, uri:uri, action:action]) }

def token = authenticate("user1", "password")

println getAttributes(token)
println authorize(token, "http://localhost:8080/protected")

As Mr. Powers would say, Groovy Baby”

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