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Note to IBM: Check out OpenSolaris

September 22, 2005

So IBM’s marketing wonks published this nice puff piece on some university migrating from
“proprietary Sun Solaris Systems”

What part of OpenSolaris don’t they get?

Maybe they are talking about the hardware? Except that that SPARC is an open architecture(and an IEEE standard to boot, if I recall). Tell me again how POWER is more open?

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  1. September 22, 2005 3:48 pm

    I wouldn’t try to argue that Power itself is more “open” than Sparc, but I think IBM can certainly point to the fact that it aggressively promotes Linux as well as AIX on Power. So with IBM Power servers, customers get a choice of operating systems, and moreover, they get a choice of Red Hat and Novell Suse for Linux. Conceivably, with efforts to port OpenSolaris to Power, there will be another operating system as a practical option. Linux on Power is still pretty green, but hey, so is Solaris on x86.

    If you’re using a Sparc server, you have a choice of one operating system, Solaris. Sure, there’s a version of Linux, but almost nobody uses it or has much in the way of software for it. Maybe later there will be some OpenSolaris distributions that are viable alternatives.

    Higher up the stack, of course, Solaris certainly is (increasingly if not yet fully) open-source where AIX is proprietary, and Solaris runs on x86 where AIX doesn’t. And when you want to buy a server, Fujitsu is a credible second source of Sparc servers where there aren’t Power alternatives.


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